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CallumConnects Podcast

Dec 12, 2020

Mike is the Head Video Producer with Envy Creative. In this role, Mike leads a production team to film commercials for online and TV ads. Mike has produced over 2000 video ads to date. Mike is no stranger to the film and TV industry, having spent 10 years in the business, where he has produced TV shows and music videos for big-name artists. Mike specializes in making sure each commercial Envy Creative produces is unique and delivers the message the brand, product, or business is looking to convey to their target audience. Mike helps clients to get more sales by getting more people to watch their videos. Envy Creative offers all kinds of services, from explainer videos that focus on the product, brand, or company to national TV campaigns that get a brand more known. Envy also offers an ad campaign service to get your brand, product, or business seen.


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